No Grit, No Pearl

Born and raised in Kentucky by my southern Baptist parents. I was lavished with love and a big dose of biblical principles that kept me out of too much trouble.  This upbringing kept my guilt level at 100%.  Nothing my therapist can’t help me fix. I married the 1st guy I ever loved. I have a pretty 14 year old daughter and a handsome 13 year old son. We live in suburbia with our dog who pees when the doorbell rings. I’ve spent nearly all my career in advertising, but quit my job in summer of 2014 to become a full time domestic engineer. You should probably also know I’m a horrible person. In fact, if I don’t keep myself in check I can easily fall into being self-absorbed by stressing over every calorie and counting every minute of exercise then whining over how fat I look in knit tops. When I was about 8 years old I stole $3 from my friend’s piggy bank while I was visiting her house. Many years later I admitted it to her and she forgave me while laughing, but it still counts. In addition to being a vain thief I’ve also lied, cheated, drank too much, been ungrateful, manipulated, been judgmental and held grudges. I’ve followed the crowd. When they jumped off bridges so did I. Some of these lovely character flaws are long ago in my past, some of them I’m still working on. In general, being a rotten person is not a hard job for me as you might assume by now. I’d like to think I’ve gained some wisdom from all this. Sort of odd how one can gain clarity in life only after those bad decisions and learning the hard way. No grit, no pearl kind of thing I suppose. I’ll tell you what I know.


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